Deltin Royale Owner:Who Owns Deltin Royale?

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Deltin Royale owner, Jaydev Mody, is standing somewhere quietly observing the activities going on. It’s just two hours past midnight, and you can see the bright lights coming from Deltin Royale. 

Inside India’s famous casino ship, you can spot all kinds of people – from newly married couples still on their honeymoon to male vacationers who want a taste of Deltin Royale activities. 

If you take a very close look, you can also spot obsessed gamblers who can wager their money and play a variety of casino games – from blackjack to Indian Flush. On the other side, two gorgeous ladies are playing around with chips while making jokes. 

This 70s decor ship is always open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Deltin Royale has four levels, as well as regulars. Each person boarding will be identified using the wristband issued at the entrance of the ship. There’s a gaming room in level three, so you can play Royale Poker. 

Tourists love the first two floors, which has some top-notch casino facilities. Also, some tourists will prefer being in the entertainment zone to relieve themselves and cool their minds. I mean, this is just a cool place. 

Deltin Royale Management and Ownership

Rajae Sarhan, a Palestine citizen by birth, is the manager of Deltin Royale. 

Rajae has been part of the development at Deltin Royale since it came to light. It’s easier to say; he is one of the most loyal people Deltin Royale can boast of. 

Rajae also worked with the team at Caravela, the first Indian casino ship to come to light in the year 2001. Rajae confirms that Mody was always regular. 

Sarhan gives insight to his boss’s attributes, “He loved to gamble but only took measured risks.” He says that the strategy his boss uses could be the core of his success. 

What More Does Jaydev Mody Owns? 

Deltin Royale came to light in August 2013, but Jaydev Mody, the founder of Delta Corp, has more. Delta Corp also manages Deltin Jaqk – just another popular casino you should know. 

Deltin Caravela is the third casino in Goa that awaits approvals. I can also confirm that Jaydev Mody, the founder of Delta Corp, is in the thought of launching a gaming operation in Daman. 

The same company running Deltin Royale (Delta Corp) also manages three hotels – Deltin Palms, Deltin Suitors, as well as Deltin Daman. 

Delta Corp partnered with Reliance Industries, which brought to light the building of commercial, residential facilities in Kenya. 

Jaydev Mody Story 

Mody reveals there was dominance by only one offshore casino in Goa since the year 2000. 

Even though there was just one offshore casino dominating, Mody can confirm that there were a ton of onshore casinos in most of the five-star hotels. 

Having done a lot of surveys, this is when Mody decided that it was time to make a move into the casino industry, together with one of his competitors – Pride. 

One of the few things he says contributed to the success of his business is the effort made by his daughters to try and improve the look in the ship with decorations. 

Today, Mody confirms that he’s business has grown and steady – he’s the Deltin Royale owner. He must be glad to have witnessed his masterclass in the gambling industry. 

Vaishali Usgaonkar

Vaishali has been living in Goa for 10 Years. She has worked as an employee for many casinos and understands the business very well.


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